Family Tree

The Wyoming Children’s Law Center is pleased to offer the following FREE services:


Mediation services, to help parents resolve conflicts and promote compromise to resolve custody, care and visitation issues between parents of minor children. The mediation is facilitated by an attorney trained in mediation. Both voluntary and court mandated referrals accepted. An attorney is available to draft mediation agreements for unrepresented parties.

Parenting Development Plan:

Assistance to parents in developing individualized well thought out plans that will serve the child(ren)'s best interest while aimed at reducing parental conflict and promoting contact with children.

Parent Education:

Provide individualized parent education for parents/caregivers of minor children aimed at reducing caregiver conflicts and promoting contact with children to assist with developing well thought out parenting plans that will serve the child(ren)’s best interests.

These services are available to any Wyoming resident and will be provided via phone or video conference for families located outside Albany County if they cannot travel to the Center.


We offer families the opportunity to request a restorative circle process in appropriate situations (if participants are able to travel to our office in Laramie). The process is most appropriate when there is a need to repair harm and reestablish healthy relationships in situation that benefit children.

Restorative Circles can result in improved communication and relations among families in conflict. Circle process values our interconnectedness and that families benefit most by resolving conflicts.



These services are provided at our Laramie location in the Civic Center at 710 E. Garfield St., Laramie, WY 82070.

Neutral Visitation Exchanges: For high-conflict parents and their children we provide a safe, neutral environment for the exchange of a child from one parent to another.

Supervised Visitation: Monitored, therapeutic, or supervised visitation services for a noncustodial parent when necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of the child.

To request our Family Tree Services, please print, fill out and return our Family Tree Request form below.

For any questions, please call our office at 307-632-3614.

Family Tree Services Request for Service (Jan 2021).pdf