Policy Work


We advocate to improve laws and policies that affect children and teens. With a bit of effort and cooperation, our youth justice and youth crisis systems can be redesigned with fewer entrances, clearer pathways, and better exits, so no one gets needlessly stuck.

  • We work to reduce the number of children pushed out of school and into court for normal adolescent behavior.

  • We promote standards for police officers in schools to ensure that children are treated with consistency and fairness across the state.

  • We work to reform policies that force parents to give up custody of their children to obtain medical treatment because parents cannot afford or do not have insurance to pay.

  • We work to divert youth who have committed low-level offenses away from adult court.

We work to divert children and adults away from court and into programs that teach children necessary skills without burdening them with criminal records, offer accountability, and restore victims.


We collaborate with:

  • Legal aid organizations to improve access to necessary legal assistance and improve legal processes involving children;

  • National organizations, including the National Juvenile Justice Network and the Nation Juvenile Defender Center, to share ideas and build broad support;

  • Wyoming Institute for Disabilities to better serve children, families and adults with disabilities.

Photo: Flickr user Charmaine Sylvia Photography.