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Parents Helping Parents (PIC)


  • PIC collaborates with agencies, parent groups, and professional organizations to assist parents in their efforts to effectively advocate for their children’s educational rights and services.

Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings

Juvenile Justice

The Comeback and Coming-from-Behind States: An Update on Youth Incarceration in the United States

Wyoming's "Outlaw" Juvenile Justice Act

Using one specific case (D.D. v. City of Casper), this article studies Wyoming’s Juvenile Justice Act and that illuminates the failures, illegalities and inconsistencies of the act. It also briefly covers the evolution of juvenile justice and analyzes the various rights of the child that the Act (potentially) violates.

A Call to Stop Child Prosecution in WY Adult Courts

A report by the Wyoming ACLU and the The National Center for Youth Law condemning Wyoming for commonly prosecuting children in adult courts, often for minor infractions such as smoking at school or stealing a pack of gum.

"Your Neighbors Child" Documentary (2010)

This short documentary was produced in collaboration with the Wyoming Children's Action Alliance. Originally released in 2010, the documentary was meant to be a catalyst for legislative reforms.

Bucking the Trend: ACLU (2017)

“The trend is clear: a growing number of bills are introduced every year creating new crimes or increasing penalties, and legislation that would remedy Wyoming’s overburdened criminal justice system fails, resulting in a justice system that is at capacity.”

YOUR RIGHTS: A Guide to Juvenile Court in Wyoming for Children and Youth (2014, revised)

A guide created by the Children’s Justice Project, a project of the Wyoming Supreme Court

Wyoming Bans Mandatory Life without Parole for Youth Under 18, Bear Cloud v. State, 294 P.3d 36, 2013 WY 18. Following Miller v. Alabama and a state Supreme Court case (Bear Cloud v. State, 294 P.3d 36, 2013 WY 18), Wyoming eliminated mandatory life without parole sentences for crimes committed by youth under age 18. Youth may still be sentenced to life without parole for certain crimes, but must become eligible for parole once they have served at least 25 years, or if their sentence is commuted to a term of years. H.B. 23/Act No. 18, signed into law February 14, 2013; effective July 1, 2013.

The Damaged Juvenile Justice and Detention System in Wyoming. A COMPREHENSIVE REPORT and POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS.

The National Juvenile Justice Network has member organizations like the Wyoming Children’s Law Center all over the country, all working to reform the youth justice system. Be sure to check out their online library!

The National Juvenile Defender Center (NJDC) provides support to public defenders, appointed counsel, law school clinical programs, and non-profit law centers to ensure quality representation in urban, suburban, rural, and tribal areas. NJDC also offers a wide range of integrated services to juvenile defenders, including training, technical assistance, policy advocacy, capacity building, networking, collaboration, and coordination.

State Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice