What is the Wyoming Youth Justice Coalition?

The Coalition is comprised of diverse youth justice stakeholders including: youth, families, interested citizens, and program providers, advocacy organizations, and others interested in improving public safety by breaking down barriers to youth success.

Help Us Improve the Youth Justice System So Kids Can Create New Futures

Public safety is best achieved through practical solutions that hold young people accountable and help our young people thrive. Unfortunately, Wyoming’s current youth justice system is a maze, with too many pathways in, not enough exits, and lots of dead ends. That’s why we’re assembling a diverse coalition of youth, families, local organizations, and interested individuals: to make our communities safer and improve outcomes for youth by using common-sense solutions to replace the maze with a structure that has fewer entrances, better exits, and pathways that lead youth and families to the resources they need.

Won’t you join us in redesigning the youth justice maze?

How to  Join the Coalition

The Coalition aims to provide an interactive forum to engage in conversations about issues facing youth in trouble with the law and potential solutions. But we can’t do this without you! We are looking for diverse and dynamic members, willing to leverage their unique knowledge and skills to create a better system for youth. As such, the coalition offers a number of ways to get involved:

  • Sign up for our monthly newsletters to get information updates on legislative and policy reforms as well as action alerts and notifications about events.
  • Join our monthly online chats to discuss issues facing youth in the system and brainstorm solutions.
  • Donate

We ask members to determine their own level of involvement. Members may opt out of any element of the coalition but may not actively work against its mission and purpose.