We are in the process of changing our office space.  We are growing and will be getting a larger space for our staff and students to work in.  Keep an eye out for our updates on the change and our new address.

Restorative Justice meeting 1

Peggy and Allan

Speaker at Restorative Justice meeting 1

Judge Ingram

Restorative Justice meeting

Judge Teske, Co. Attorney Peggy Trent, Judge Ingram

Speaker at Restorative Justice meeting

Judge Ingram and Judge Teske

NJJN 2017 Forum

Partaking in the activities.

NJJN 2017 Forum

Getting some good conversation in.

NJJN 2017 Forum

Our Director mingling with other attending members.

NJJN 2017 Forum

Attendees of the NJJN Forum, including our Director.

WYASA Conference 2017

Our Director Attended this conference.