Family Tree Services

The Wyoming Children’s Law Center is pleased to announce the following new services: Mediation and Parenting Education/Assistance Programs that are provided within Albany County, as well as State Wide Child and Adult Provisional Services.

Provided services within new program:


Local Supervised Visitation within Albany County:
A neutral supervised visitation site in Laramie Wyoming that provides a safe drop-off and pick-up location. This is used to allow noncustodial parents access and/or visitation with their child(ren) as a means to strengthen those relationships.


Statewide Parent Education and Parenting Plan Development:
Provide individualized parent education for parents of minor children aimed at reducing parental conflict and promoting contact with children and assist with developing well thought out parenting plans taking into consideration the best interests of the child(ren).


Statewide Mediation for visitation and custody arrangements:
Provide mediation services, both voluntary and mandatory, to intervene between conflicting parents to promote compromise to help resolve custody and visitation issues between parents of minor children.


If you would like help with any of the above issues, please contact our office.