Legal Services

We provide assistance in the following areas — at no charge, if you meet income guidelines:

Education Services:
Provide assistance and guidance with Expulsions or Suspensions as well as other school related actions.

  • Special Education:  We provide information, advice and — if necessary — legal representation to assert special education rights or assist children in hearings when they might be expelled from school.

Juvenile Justice
We provide representation in some juvenile criminal cases. We advocate for the children or the parents in these cases.

We help adults establish the rights of a minor child or vulnerable adult.

Guardian at litem (GAL):
Services offered at reduced rates for custody cases that involve serious concerns about child well-being or safety.

Other Urgent Assistance
We may also be able to provide you with legal help if:

  1. you have an emergency that could impact a child’s well-being;
  2. you need immediate legal intervention; and
  3. no other option for services [i.e. Legal Aid or Equal Justice of Wyoming was unable to take the case].

How to Apply for Our Free Services
Please download our application packet. You can return it to us by mail, fax, email, or drop it off in person. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact our office.