The Wyoming Youth Justice Coalition’s mission is to create a connected, aware, and thriving community that coordinates community-based youth justice political change efforts. This supportive network through resource mobilization, education, and information sharing collectively advocates for both preventive and responsive high quality youth justice programs and policies.



The Wyoming Youth Justice Coalition envisions a world where our nation’s young people are safe, healthy, and treated with respect and dignity. If these individuals are involved with the youth justice system, the contact should be fair, supportive, and will always have the individuals best interest and successful future at the core of the interaction.



We at the Wyoming Youth Justice Coalition commit to 4 principles that provide a fundamental basis for the approach and attitude of the organization. Every value plays a critical role in employing an efficient and effective holistic perspective of collaboration. (They are each equally valuable and are not ranked.)

The Coalition supports common-sense reforms to prepare vulnerable young people to be productive and successful adults, instead of pushing them out of school and into the criminal justice system. Wyoming’s juvenile justice system should be:

  • Safe. Wyoming’s juvenile justice system should reduce crime and keep both our youth and the neighborhoods they live in safe.
  • Smart. Wyoming’s juvenile justice system ensure that our most vulnerable young people are educated and ready for the workforce.
  • Cost-effective. Wyoming’s juvenile justice system must use taxpayer funds responsibly. We should use evidence-based tools that are proven to help young people behave in positive ways.
  • Fair. Wyoming’s juvenille justice system should be fair to every young person. Our system should hold kids accountable while exemplyfying our deepest values about how all people should be treated.